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While coffee occasionally gets a bad reputation, research has shown that it has many health benefits when consumed in a moderate amount. Coffee is filled with nutrients and antioxidants such as vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B5. It also contains potassium and manganese and can have profound effects on physical and mental well-being by reducing the risk of several diseases and improving mental function.

Research has shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Type II diabetes by anywhere from 23 to 67 percent. In a study of over 400 participants, the risk of diabetes was reduced by seven percent with Continue Reading »

Stimulating Beverage

Many individuals around the world enjoy a caffeinated beverage made from a bean. This bean grows in many geographic locations such as Africa, Asia and Latin America. Originally, coffee beans were gathered from wild plants before preparation as a hot drink to provide energy and stimulation. Ancient records indicate that during the 1500s individuals drank this beverage to reduce appetite. Eventually, farmers began to cultivate the plant to grow it in fields. By the 1600s, coffee beans were exported Continue Reading »

Coffee is arguably the most popular drink on the planet. There are a number of different reasons why people drink this delicious drink, but it wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say that the popularity of coffee is due to its caffeine content.

There are of course other arguments that can be made to why coffee is so popular including its health benefits and taste. Many people will tell you they drink coffee because they love the taste. Continue Reading »

Coffee Growing States

Some states are better for growing coffee than others, that we’ll admit, but some aren’t growing it because of factors like wildlife and electricity rates which we think is criminal! Here are a few of the states growing coffee in the US today and why they’ve been so successful:
Hawaii: The only state to mass-produce coffee in the union is Hawaii, and most of its production comes from Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s expensive because of limited land but it grows so well here because of the tropical climate.
California: The only other state to even come close to having a coffee production line is California and that’s only because it’s so mild here, generally. It’s still not as wet as coffee needs to thrive, though, so water has to be brought in which can make production expensive.
Florida: Florida has the right climate for coffee but the salt in the water is somewhat detrimental to the crop. The problem here is that there’s not enough land to make it worth it and even with the right temps it’s still sometimes too cold.

Coffee is important to so many people and is one of the most popular drinks that is consumed. With that being said, many people wonder how to choose the best coffee. The truth is, it all depends on the person. Many people will argue that each of the four categories that coffee comes in (ground, instant, bags, or beans) is the best.

With that being said, how do you compare the four? Ground coffee tends to emit more of an aroma than the other three. Continue Reading »

First and foremost the quality of the coffee bean determines in large part whether you have a good cup of coffee. Beans must be roasted at the proper temperature and length of time. Over roasting or under roasting will have an impact on the flavor. Good quality coffee is defined as having good body, rich aroma, and enjoyable flavor. How the coffee feels in your mouth is the body. Is it heavy and thick, how does it feel on the roof of your mouth? The smell should be a strong Continue Reading »

If you are a coffee lover, you may already know how delicious it is. Coffee comes in different types of forms, tastes and types. You also have the opportunity to enjoy coffee hot or cold. This all depends on how you love the taste and feel of it.

Coffee is a personal choice for anyone. Some enjoy the thought of waking up to a hot pot waiting for them in the morning. Others rather leave the house with a warm thermos in hand. Then there are people who enjoy having a cold coffee on the way to work.I was looking for more information and found it here.

You do Continue Reading »

Do you really know where your coffee is coming from? Many commercially available coffees in supermarkets sell coffee that is highly processed and has preservatives.

Coffee beans are grown in tropical climates and like a fruit, essentially, and picked when ripe and at its peak taste. The whole beans are gathered and sold as whole bean coffee or ground up and sold as ground and ready to use.

Organic coffees, like other organic products, contain beans that have Continue Reading »